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David Griffin

Inasmuch Foundation elected David Griffin, President and CEO of Griffin Communications, L.L.C. to the foundation’s Board of Directors.  Inasmuch Foundation, founded by Edith Kinney Gaylord in 1982, champions journalism, education, human services, and community initiatives.  

 Emergency Grants for Early Childhood and Mental Health Services

We are thrilled to announce this round of emergency grants supporting child care services for front-line workers and mental health services for vulnerable families in Central Oklahoma.   “Each of these organizations worked collaboratively to serve vital needs within our community,” said Inasmuch Foundation Senior Progr

Grants Focused on Food Security

We are excited to announce emergency grants totaling $130,000 to four organizations focused on food security.  As the COVID-19 pandemic challenges our country, state, cities, and communities, we continue to be amazed by the response from our local nonprofit organizations to step-up to meet their clients' needs.